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This is an ongoing project of investigating the performance of vintage Canon FD. This is a rediscovery of quality and performance on the FD mount that were discarded by many photographers with the introduction of the EF mount Canon lenses that are widely used today in the photographic world. This has changed the use of FD with the introduction of mirrorless camera’s and offers great opportunity to be uniquely different from other photographers.

GFX 50s with Canon FD 17mm F2.8

I’m also in the process of building an Adobe Lens Profile correction for Sony A7 series for Canon FD lens when you RAW edit. So keep following as it is one big epic project that I think many Sony mirrorless and Canon FD users would love to have.

Mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic GH and  Sony A7 Series are known as MSLR (Mirrorless Single Lens Reflex) camera’s and have some unique advantages over the common DSLR with the use of vintage glass this is explained under the other pages in this website.

Adaptors like Metabones and Commlite expand the use of lens selection making mirrorless a viable option.

[•] Sony A7II with Canon FD 50mm F1.2L

Recent news Sony just pushed into second place as a real contender to fight for the top spot as best full frame camera to own.  Personal preference will come down to if your prefer full frame or MFT (Micro Four Thirds) camera’s. It really is a tough call at the moment as both have advantages and disadvantages. At this present time it’s a balance of which camera for video and which one for photography but these cameras make a photographer feel spoilt.

Cameras really have come a long way since film days and those film days are really paying of for those who kept older lenses especially the Canon FD series.  What a great time to be able to use Canon FD lenses making both the Sony and Panasonic cameras shine.

Keep in mind these are manual focus lenses but don’t let that deter you as a digital view finders make using these lenses just as fast as using a newer auto focus lenses on a DSLR.

CANON FD LIST:   Please be patient. On my Flickr page some test photographs are uploaded and will be added below.

Canon nFD 17mm F2.8 (Unicorn),



Every time I take a photograph with the 17mm F2.8 no one else in the world will ever produce the same image as its the only lens in existence. Shoots wide and i have to hold the camera out so my feet are not in the shot. Its a tack sharp lens when focusing. My thoughts are that this lens design was and is the precursor to the EF series lenses with the way the optics and focusing barrel operates. Performance is just stunning these two photographs taken in a dimly lit underground parking lot. A little vignetting open at F2.8 and disappears when closing down the aperture. A truly beautiful one of a kind lens.

Canon nFD 17mm F4,


Photo taken indoors with no flash at F8 and a different take using the lens to shoot a portrait. Do you know any other photographers that shoot a wide angle lens for portraits. Vignetting as shown and colours render beautifully with the FD line up but that’s what I love about this glass.

Canon nFD 20mm F4,

Canon FD 20mm F2.8,

Canon FD 24mm F2.8,

Canon nFD 24-35mm F3.5,

Canon FD 28mm F2.8,

Canon FL 35mm F2.5,

Canon FD 35mm F2,

Canon FD 35mm F2.8 Tilt Shift,

Canon FL 50mm F1.8,

Canon nFD 50mm F1.8,

Canon FD 50mm F1.4,

Canon FD 50mm F3.5 Macro,

Canon 5DIII


I love the macro lens. Where else would you get a lens for $100 that produces quality close ups like these. Has to be one of my favourite lenses in the FD lineup.

Canon nFD 50mm F1.2L,

Canon FL 55mm F1.2,

Canon nFD 70-150mm F4.5,

Canon nFD 70-210mm F4,

Canon FD 80-200mm F4,

Canon nFD 85mm F1.2L,

Canon nFD 100mm F4 Macro,

Canon nFD 100-300mm F5.6,

Canon nFD 135mm F2.8,


Would you believe the 135mm F2.8 lens was just $125. Photograph taken at F11 is super sharp when analysing the image at 100% crop in photoshop. Excellent and stunning. No interlacing artefacts proof in the quality of the glass working with the Sony sensor. Why would you purchase a brand new Sony 135mm f2.8 Smooth Trans Focus Lens for $1500 when the FD is phenomenally that good a lens. This is a secret lens I shouldn’t be telling people about.. oops too late. A must own lens in a photographers kit bag.

Canon nFD 500mm F8 Relfex,







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