[•] Canon FD 17mm F2.8 “The Unicorn” or $50,000 Lens.


Photo: The Dark Side of Japan series on Canon Camera and Lens Collection.

Known as “The Unicorn” for being a rare lens. The other 17mm has a max aperture of F4. This is a special lens at F2.8 and more likely a prototype. The focusing ring on the 17mm F2.8 spins only as the F4 version the entire outer barrel turns when focusing. The F2.8 takes very sharp images and up there as one of the best FD lens made by Canon.

The barrel on the 17mm spins only as the others don’t have this feature.

Takes very sharp images and up there as one of the best FD lens in the Canon FD lineup.

Every time I take a photograph the joy has to be knowing no one else in the world will produce the same image as its the only lens I know of in existence. Shoots wide and when I hold the camera out must make sure my feet are not in the shot. Its a tack sharp lens when focusing. My thoughts are that this lens design was and is the precursor to the EF mount lens design. The design operates the same way as the EF lenses are today without auto focus. Performance is just stunning the photograph was taken in a dimly lit underground parking lot. A little vignetting at F2.8 and disappears when closing down the aperture. A truly beautiful one of a kind lens.


Helen__urgh, NSW, Australia
[•] Helen__urgh, NSW, Australia.

Sony A7II with Canon FD 17mm F2.8
Aperture F11, Shutter 1/150Sec, ISO 200

This image above has had no image correction and just look at how straight the sign is. Horizontally and vertically I find really impressive.



Note: Find more info on Canon FD in the menu link above.




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