[•] Leica M7 Discontinued

[•] Leica M7 Japan Edition
New’s hot off the press that the Leica M7 35mm rangefinder film camera will be discontinued and no longer in production. When you think about all the M film camera’s that have been made its the end of a legacy of beautiful film cameras made by Leica and for some of us this is a sad day because M7 is the last in the number line of M’s.


The M7 was unique because of the features it has as a film camera. Aperture priority and the DX function (above photograph) allows ISO will set to the film choice when you load the film. The M7 is such a lovely film camera if you only want to take photographs in priority mode for stress free photography.

Other interesting facts the M7 has “High Speed Synchronisation flash” function. you can shoot with a flash at 1/250s, 1/500s or 1/1000s.

If I had to choose which Leica M in the series the M7 is no doubt at the top of my list along with the MP.


The good news MP and MA are still in production but will the M7 be a worthwhile investment or a bargain camera on the secondary market. Only time will tell but this avid photographer will be keeping his M7.  The M7 is still one of the best film camera’s I have ever used.

The back story on how I came to acquire my M7

For many years the Leica camera brand has been sitting in the back of my mind. My father was an optometrist and once mentioned Leica and the importance of optics and build quality. So this magical camera brand with its sleek looks and beautifully crafted bodies and precise engineering that screamed ‘You will own a Leica for life” really made an impression.
Now acquiring this type of camera will come down to a number of sacrifices and the first one is cost. A good friend of mine said to me about photographic gear. “Never buy Second Hand” and I took this on board and thought I would never go down this path until the other day while looking on eBay I saw a Leica M7 for auction. Recommended retail price of $5500… Nope cannot and will not purchase at this price and as I scrolled down the webpage saw the bidding at a low price. Over the next few hours I sat back contemplating and working the figures for a future empty wallet and then dreaming of the camera in my hot little hands and ummhed and arrrhed to the point with my heart racing placed a bid in the last 10 seconds hoping I made the final purchase bid. I then took a large sip of Ron de Jeremy Rum that my brother in-law cheekily purchased to help calm the nerves and for the first time became a proud owner of the Leica M7 0.75 Japan Edition in A+ condition. There are a few Leica camera owner’s on websites giving advice on what is the recommended purchase on model type etc…. But selecting your first Leica camera is easy just do all the research in the world. And at the end of the day follow your heart 😉


Whats your favourite M camera?



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