[•] New YouTube Introduction Video 10 Seconds

Many video’s are on the way this is the 10 second “Intro” for new video’s uploaded to YouTube.

I’m far from the everyday YouTuber I come from a professional career that was at the top of the pyramid to retirement put on the back shelf to now joining the list of You-tubers willing to share content or in my case wanting to pass on all my skills and knowledge to anyone interested in learning something new with regards to photography and videography.

Don’t forget to subscribe for videos and I look forward to teaching you what I know about camera’s, gear setup, tutorials on effects and pro video tips. Even my best tips with Photoshop and Bridge coming.

I need your help to get to 1000 Subs as YouTube made it even harder to produce content with little support.

The 10 second clip was made with Avid Media Composer and series of photographs imported into the timeline with effects and transitions. Hopefully I can produce a video on how this was made so you can make your own version which would be fun to see.

Here’s the link.



[•] p 🔺 z r 🔺 h n



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