[•] Sony Mirrorless & YouTuber’s Camera Purchase Advice.

[•] Bombo Quarry, NSW, Australia.
How often do you see YouTuber’s complain about camera’s where its at a point of nitpicking to creating click bait titles to get views and followers. For example the smallest of issues like batteries, ergonomics or the ridiculousness of sniff tests . The Sony mirrorless has been a solid performer in my hands now for about 2 years. A great way to test a new camera has to be taking it out for a sunrise to test a camera’s dynamic range. There’s also nothing wrong with hiring a camera for a day or two to test before a purchase. When mirrorless was announced many could see the possibility to add vintage glass to a lens. In my case Canon FD which gives an element of beauty to my photograph’s. Creating your own style can differentiate yourself from other photographers. And this can be a great advantage in gaining clients to selling finalised works.

I wanted to point out most YouTuber’s have never worked professionally in photography or videography. I find it interesting and disappointing many will miss out on opportunities in honing skills to become a better photographer if you waste time listening and taking on board bad advice.

[•] Bombo Quarry, NSW, Australia.
Taking in the wrong information can also be costly If you don’t test the camera yourself. Fanboy-ism and aligning yourself to a camera brand can be a problem as it may limit you from expanding your portfolio. The need to test the performance of a camera starts with you. Shooting across the board with many camera’s will evolve the way you shoot and help you grow as a photographer.

I have had this A7II for a few years now and never really been disappointed. Firmware has fixed past issues too. No camera is ever perfect and each camera I have acquired does one thing better than others. In this case the ability to use Canon FD glass with an adaptor makes the A7II an excellent camera that rivals the best of them.



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