[•] The Unloved Photographer

The most unloved unrecognized photographer of any profession is the crime scene photographer. I spent over 5 years attending a myriad of crime scenes carrying out technical and detailed work.

Each job had its specific request and it was the technical side of the job that kept me so long in this field of work. The other problem there’s a time limit when the bucket of emotion will fill up to the brim until you can’t take it anymore.

We all do the job to our due diligence in the mind set to seek closure for our victims and the families of the victims. That strive for closure is not often achieved and will pave the way for many of us and our downfall.

In a day of consumerism and never ending release of cameras hitting the scene the promotion of photographers exist in a world where the top of the professional world of photographers the crime scene photographer is forgotten, discarded and put aside.

When we work at distressing scenes we do get captured by photojournalists to then hit the front page of papers with our faces blurred out. This is the norm.

Some of the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure to work with even surpass my skills as a photographer and often keep their private works to themselves for nobody to ever see. One day in the office at work a colleague photographer brought out their personal photographs of a trip to Afghanistan before the wars that the western world entered. Stunning photographs of people smiling and beautiful landscapes that gave me goose bumps on my arms. Every image I looked at I felt immersed in as if I was there. I asked why don’t you ever show your portfolio and the answer was “I just don’t”. The sad part is there are many forgotten photographers out there that have created something beautiful from the camera’s they hold dear. Names like Vivian Maier bring to mind the photographers you would of seen where the images have not see the light of day until something happens.

Now looking back at the photographers I rubbed shoulders with taught me the skills to become a better photographer. They are also the most loyal to the camera brands they use and yet you will not see one of these photographers in any ad campaign or sponsorship.

If you know I started with a Nikon F3 and learned to shoot one in the back end of the film days as we transitioned completely into digital. Photographers I worked with bantered each other on why their camera brand was better. This makes me smile at times. There were two choices back then and Canon became the system I would tie the not with. Sorry Nikon and sorry to the die hard Nikon photographers that would yell “WHYYYYY” but that’s another story for another day.

As you work with very technical professional photograhers its the little details for why they choose a camera manufacturer and often the reason for camera choice is the devil in the details. Megapixels, ISO, shutter, dynamic range, ergonomics and reliability. At the time early on in my career I fell in love with Canon and for now as a distraction Fujifilm has found a home in my heart.

The most unloved photographers in the world are to this day are crime scene photographers they are elusive, compassionate, professional, loving and quite individuals in their own little world. Its a profession not acknowledged by any camera manufacturer. There’s not prestige no recognition or acknowledgement of the work that they do. For a second take a thought that their are professionals out their doing real work and caring for others before themselves.

When you see that wedding photographer or hipster photographer put high on pedestal by a camera manufacturer but picture a real hero next time you see that advert or billboard because out there are the real photographers doing their best for the closure of others to seek and to capture the moment.

As the shutter closed on my camera long ago in that field of work I will always remember.


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