[•] Canon New F-1 50th Anniversary Gold Edition Camera



Today I received something special. For over 10 years I have looked at this film camera and some will say what is it? and some will say I never knew Canon made that.. Drum roll this is the infamous Canon New F-1 50th Anniversary Camera.

Released in 1987 and only a handful made which I’m still trying to find out numbers. Some come with the AE finder on top but I preferred the lower profile and think there are not many in this version compared to the AE one..

This was found in Japan and posted within a few days which surprised me even more. Upon opening I received a beautiful origami swan and stunning Japanese postcards as a gift with the camera. quite delightful and heartwarming how the Japanese people present such a package.

After the box came out of the box I was then struck in the head with “I have the golden ticket” song stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon.

This then got me thinking wouldn’t it be nice if Canon released a chocolate bar and someone won a Golden Wrapper to claim a special Canon 5DIV in todays camera releases..

All I can say is WOW what a camera and very very special when held in my hands..

Last but not least I will cherish and use this camera and might even one day use it at a future Leica opening for kicks.

Stay tuned for the next Canon F-1 Film Camera Adventure.

Canon Gold



Canon Gold 002


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