[•] Fujifilm GFX50S 35mm Format Mode

GFX50S 35mm Mode

As Fujifilm have released the new firmware 3.0 this is a quick setup guide for 35mm Format Mode.

The new firmware feature makes it possible add and edit lens profile information within the GFX50S menu when standard 35mm lenses are attached with an adaptor .

Step 1) Attach adaptor to Lens (My choice adaptor is the Fotodiox Pro FD-GFX)

Step 2) Attach Lens & Adaptor to camera

Step 3) Turn on Camera – Press Menu (Camera picture or Third menu down) Page 2 – “Mount Adaptor Setting” – OK – “Lens Registration” OK – Lens 1 Enter “Focal Length Setting” i.e 17mm

The setup I decided on were as follows:

Lens 1= 17mm ,

Lens 2 = 20mm,

Lens 3 = 24mm,

Lens 4 = 28mm,

Lens 5 = 35mm,

Lens 6 = 50mm

Step 4) Make sure 35mm Format Mode is :ON in other sub menu.

Note: Make sure the lens on the camera is selected with Lens registration so that the lens matches with the photographs EXIF data.


Firmware Here:






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